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I miss Ghana unlike most volunteers, I only got to spend 3 short weeks in Ho municipal hospital and I regret not signing up for a large visit. Being pre-medicine student, I wanted to volunteer in a hospital setting but also travel and get out of my comfort zone.
Since I was finishing my senior year, this summer of 2015 would really be my onlychance to make such a trip so, I decided to take this chance, regardless of how short the trip would be.
My placement was Volta municipal hospital the staff in general is very friendly and extremely helpful and in a particular Freda, the volunteer coordinator, was the best boss I will ever have.

James Hardings


My placement at the hospital was in the maternity ward. Nothing could have prepared me for what i was about to experience. At first i was a little overwhelmed being thrown right into but after about a week i felt like I was part of the hospital staff.
Every morning I would accompany the ward nurses and doctors on their rounds i was in charge of taking vital signs (temperature and blood pressure) from all of the pregnant women.
I found it really interesting to learn that most of the pregnant women who were patients in the maternity ward were there because of sickness (eg, malaria, anaemia, eclampsia, etc) and not just to give birth to their babies.

I also formed it amazing that many of the Ghanaian women i saw give birth gave virtually no sign unlike in the western world where it not uncommon to hear screams of pain during labour.

In addition to taking vital signs, I witness numerous women given birth to beautiful babies cut umbilical cords, washed new-born babies and deliver the new babies to their mothers (my favourite part)

Kate Lynn


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